Mrežni MasterLan UTP kabel kategorije Cat5e, 24AWG, 305m u kolutu CU
MasterLan UTP5E24-MSC - EuroLan UTP solid indoor wire cable Cat5e PVC 24AWG Solid Copper Core Outer diameter mm) 5 305 m
145,01 € (1.092,58 kn)
MasterLan UTP wire cable Cat5e, PVC, 24AWG, 305m
MasterLan UTP5E24-MS - EuroLan UTP cable Cat5e PVC 24AWG 305 m CCA
75,82 € (571,27 kn)
Ubiquiti Networks Tough Cable Carrier Class SFTP outdoor cat5e
Ubiquiti Networks TC-CARRIER - Tough Cable Outdoor Cat5e SFTP 24AWG 305 m Solid Bare Copper
241,76 € (1.821,54 kn)
MasterLan FTP wire outdoor cable Cat5e, CU, 305m
Masterlan OFTP5E24-MSC - FTP Outdoor Cable Black Cat5e PVC CU core 24AWG 305 m Outer diameter: 5, 6 mm
197,83 € (1.490,55 kn)
MasterLan UTP wire cable Cat5e, 305m
MasterLan UTP5E24LS-EL - UTP cable Cat5e LSOH 24AWG 305 m CU ALU 100 MHz and 350 MHz
88,47 € (666,58 kn)
ExtraLink CAT5E FTP V2 Outdoor Twisted Pair 305M
ExtraLink EX.8710, Outdoor Network FTP Cat.5e cable 24 AWG 0.48 mm ( 0.005 mm) aluminum foil shielded All coated PE outer jacket 0.50mm thick 1000ft. (304.8m) External diameter 5.7mm. Pure copper.
186,97 € (1.408,73 kn)
MasterLan FTP wire outdoor cable Cat5e 305m, Spool
MasterLan OFTP5E24-MS-S - FTP Outdoor Cable Cat5e PE jacket Aluminum core coated with a copper layer AWG24 CCA 305 m
98,19 € (739,81 kn)
MasterLan FTP wire outdoor cable Cat5e, CU, 305m, Spool
MasterLan OFTP5E24-MSC-S - 305 m FTP Outdoor Black Cable Cat5e Spool PVC Copper Core 24AWG Solid Gigabit Enhanced Outer diameter 5, 6 mm
192,06 € (1.447,08 kn)
Solarix 305m Outdoor Cat5E FTP PE Installation Cable
Solarix SXKD-5E-FTP-PE-SAM - 305m Outdoor shielded CAT5 cable Polyethylene sheath Supporting steel wires Self-supporting up to a distance of 70 meters
289,24 € (2.179,28 kn)
Solarix 305m Outdoor Shielded FTP Cat5E Cable
Solarix SXKD-5E-FTP-PE - FTP CAT5E Outdoor cable 305 m Polyethylene sheath
224,84 € (1.694,06 kn)
NaviaTec Cat5e FTP Stranded, 24AWG, CCA 305m
NaviaTec CAT5E-BOX243 - Cat5e FTP Stranded 24AWG CCA 305m
75,57 € (569,38 kn)
NaviaTec Cat5e FTP Stranded, 24AWG, Copper 305m
NaviaTec CAT5E-BOX248 - Cat5e FTP Stranded 24AWG Copper (Cu) 305m
162,28 € (1.222,70 kn)