NaviaTec Cat6 patch cable flat, copper 5m
NaviaTec CAT6-SL103 - 5 m CAT6 SLIM Flat Patch Kabel (RJ45) 1, 38 mm high 6, 08 mm wide Košuljica za UTP konektor Sive boje 250 MHz Copper Packed in polybag
2,29 € (17,25 kn)
10 x NaviaTec CAT5e unshielded RJ45 konektor
NaviaTec NVT-PLUG-216 - Cat5e Western Unshielded RJ45 konektor Western 8 8-plug (RJ45) 8 kontakata Za okrugli kabel 10 kom
0,78 € (5,88 kn)
NaviaTec CAT5e shielded RJ45 plug for round cable incl strain relief plug black 10pc
NaviaTec NVT-PLUG-203 - Cat5e Western Shielded RJ45 konektor Strain relief plug for round cable Crna boja 10 kom
1,62 € (12,21 kn)
Ubiquiti Networks STP RJ45 Tough uzemljenje
Ubiquiti Networks TC-GND, connector STP RJ45, Cat5e, 8p8c, wire, pleated, AWG24, Specially designed for use with Ubiquiti Tough Cable. TOUGHCable Connectors with ESD protect against damage to E
1,20 € (9,04 kn)
NaviaTec Ethernet RJ45 port Anti Dust cover - 10 pcs
NaviaTec Plug-368-10 - 10pcs Dust covers for unused RJ45 Ethernet ports on switches routers Black
0,48 € (3,62 kn)
Transmedia Tool-less RJ 45 plug CAT 6A
Transmedia TI 16 Q - Tool-less RJ 45 plug CAT 6A for UTP cables Ideal for fast on-site assembly High quality with CAT 6A standard Assembling without tools For all network cables with solid wires AWG 2
2,52 € (18,99 kn)
Transmedia Tool-less RJ 45 plug UTP CAT 6A
Transmedia TI 19 Q - Tool-less RJ 45 plug UTP CAT 6A For stranded and solid wires AWG 24 - 26 Cable O.D. max. 9 mm Incl. 1x cable tie
2,47 € (18,61 kn)
MasterLan Cat5e STP RJ45 konektor
MasterLan CON-5E-03, Konektor STP shielded RJ45, Cat.5e, 8p8c, wire, golded, grounding pinhole
0,29 € (2,19 kn)
MasterLan conector UTP RJ45 Cat6 unshielded
MasterLan LY-US012-2 - Connector UTP RJ45 Cat.6 8p8c Cable Gilded Pleated Unshielded
0,40 € (3,01 kn)
MasterLan conector STP RJ45, Cat.5e
MasterLan LY-US006 - Conector STP shielded RJ45 Cat.5e 8p8c Wire Gilded
0,21 € (1,58 kn)
NaviaTec CAT5e shielded RJ45 plug for round cable incl strain relief plug grey 10pc
NaviaTec NVT-PLUG-206 - Cat5e Western Shielded RJ45 konektor, 10 kom
1,94 € (14,62 kn)
NaviaTec PVC Boot for Western 8 8-plug black 10pc
NaviaTec SR-209 - PVC BOOT For Cat5e 6 Round Cable For Western 8 8-plug Crna boja 10 kom
0,47 € (3,54 kn)