Designer chair ELEMENT Veronica
With its elegant look, the Element VERONICA designer chair is an excellent acquisition for the comfort of your home. Great choice for a quality time at the home table. With its compact app
71,28 € (537,06 kn)
Designer chair ELEMENT Melissa
On the MELISSA living chair, you will forget about the world around you, as time will pass like a flash. Great for working from home office, with an added footrest even after a
170,28 € (1.282,97 kn)
Designer chair ELEMENT Sarah
SARAH living chair enlivens any space with its unique look. You can place it in your home office, living room, or behind a dining table. The seat is lined with foam paddi
64,68 € (487,33 kn)
Designer chair ELEMENT Rebecca
With its classic look, the REBECCA living chair is perfect for complementing your home. It blends into the ambience of any space. Place it in your home office, living roo
72,60 € (547,00 kn)
Designer chair ELEMENT Crystal
The CRYSTAL living chair boasts a timeless design that will blend in with your home environment. With stable legs and a comfortable seat, it can serve you in the home office, as a dining
67,32 € (507,22 kn)
Designer chair ELEMENT Kimberly
The KIMBERLY living chair will more than meet your expectations and with its wide, comfortable seat will allow you to spend hours and hours of pleasant time in your home office,
51,48 € (387,88 kn)
Designer chair ELEMENT Nicole
The NICOLE living chair can be placed practically anywhere. It will fit all spaces in a classic black color. It is useful in the office, living room, dining room…
55,44 € (417,71 kn)
Designer chair ELEMENT Laura
Bring timeless elegance to any space with the LAURA living chair. Four stable metal legs and a comfortable seat covered with PU leather allow for evening sitting in style.
47,52 € (358,04 kn)
Designer chair ELEMENT Amber
The AMBER living chair with its wide seat allows you to sit comfortably, no matter where you place it. Lined with foam, and clad in PU leather, it blends into any ambiance with its class
91,08 € (686,24 kn)
Designer chair ELEMENT Amanda
Refresh your space with the AMANDA living chair. With its modern-contrasting look, it is suitable for work in the home office, relaxing in the living room or as a dining chair.
76,56 € (576,84 kn)
Designer chair ELEMENT Jennifer
The JENNIFER living chair adapts to your needs. With its timeless design and comfortable seating, it is suitable for work in the home office, rest in the living room and as a chair for the dining
71,28 € (537,06 kn)
Designer chair ELEMENT Tiffany
TIFFANY living chair will brighten up any space with its elegant look. With stable legs and a comfortable seat, it will serve well as a dining or office chair, and it als
81,84 € (616,62 kn)